I would like to introduce the KIDS NEED BIKES project! I have made a collaboration with Sportful and made two LIMITED editioned kits socks and caps and the money from these items will go children that come from Low-Income Families or that simply are less fortunate then others, I would like for this project to continue so other kids can experience what cycling has given me the chance to experience. Cycling gave me many things friends, great memories, it taught me responsibility, and gave me great discipline not to give up and give 100% at everything I do. Now I feel its time to repay cycling and try and give a little back to the community, where this money will help more kids jump on bikes and get an opportunity to fullfil their own dreams just like I had the chance too do the same!

I won’t bore you with my life story, ill leave that for my book on day “ha ha!”. Here you go a short bio:

Hi, I’m Michael Kolar born in the glamourous capital city of Czech Republic, Prague on December 21st in the year 1992, Grew up in Toronto, Canada till the age of 12, now living and currently based in Zilina, Slovakia. Now almost 26y old, I’m already a former pro cyclist with 5 world tour seasons under my belt, 4 seasons beside Peter Sagan, where I helped Peter rack up 3 world championship titles and became part of cycling history. I’ve ridden for multiple teams, actually some of the best teams out there (2 seasons with Tinkoff-Saxo, then Tinkoff, and 2 seasons with Bora-Hansgrohe) I know what you must be thinking, wait, what! 25 years of age and retired, why?!
Well I always wanted to be a winner and not a helper. In my career I had numerous top 10. Finishes in categories spanning from UCI 2.2 races all the way to UCI world tour I reckon around 70times I made top 10. I’ve done and completed some of the biggest races in the world for example the famous Paris-Roubaix, Ronde van Vlaanderen, Paris-Nice, Tour down Under I was on the start list for the Vuelta a Espana and etc.. My proudest moment was probably in Doha, Qatar UCI world championships while pulling for Peter Sagan where he won the title! Despite all of this my fitness levels were not going anywhere so I decided to take on a different path. Now working around sponsoring and VIP events with Bora-Hansgrohe it gives me a lot of free time which also gives me the freedom to create multiple side projects where I would like to contribute to the cycling community, by encouraging, motivating people to just get out there and ride bikes! My goal is to create something bigger then just an individual racing a bike but to be there for the people and make the cycling community grow.

Well Id be lying to say I am not competitive anymore, I haven’t hung my wheels just yet I’ve turned my focus to mountain biking more specifically Enduro has caught my eye and I would like to be the first road cyclist able to compete at the highest level I can in this discipline. I am more then thrilled to have so many people follow me on this new path I’ve taken on so please join me and lets make the cycling world a lot bigger!!!

Two times a year together with my previous coach Peter Zanicky we will make a in person donation at one of the rounds from


,,Volám sa Michael Kolář – profesionálny cestný cyklista do roku 2018.
V Pro tour som pôsobil štyri roky po boku Petra Sagana, kde som mu
spoločne s Jurajom Saganom pomohol získať 3 tituly majstra sveta.
Chcel by som vám predstaviť môj nový projekt DETI POTREBUJU
Spojil som sa s firmou Sportful a vytvoril limitované edície dresov,
čiapok a ponožiek. Výťažok z týchto produktov pôjde vybraním deťom,
ktoré jazdia v Detskej Tour a nemajú možnosť kúpiť si nový bicykel.
Chcem, aby získali šancu zažiť a získať to, čo cyklistika dala mne. Je to
šport, ktorý mi dal veľa kamarátov, úžasné spomienky, naučila ma k
zodpovednosti a predovšetkým mi dala obrovskú disciplínu vždy dať zo
seba 100%! Teraz však mám pocit žeby som sa mal odvďačiť a posnažiť
sa niečo vrátiť cyklistickej komunite a dúfam, že to pomôže viac deťom
si obľúbiť tento náš krásny šport. Chcem, aby deti mali možnosť prežiť
to, čo som prežil ja!
V priebehu roka vyberieme niekoho z Vás na Detskej Tour Petra Sagana.
Veď deti potrebujú bicycle.”

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